As we approach the start of another long winter, we must look for ways to continue connecting with each other and with our own bodies. As such, I have decided to launch Somatic Awakening—a series of workshops in which we can learn from each other and connect over the winter.

Somatic Shadow Workshop – a 2 part workshop

Tuesdays - Dec 14th 2021 and Jan 11th 2022 from 6 pm to 8 pm on Zoom. Max 12 people $40 total cost


Shadow workshop? Sounds scary, why would I want to do this workshop??

Shadow work may sound dark and sinister (any sometimes it can be) but it is some of my favorite work to do as a counselor.

Helping clients discover these unknown parts is so rewarding.

The definition that I use to describe the Shadow (from Bill Plotkin’s work) is – The Shadow is what is true about us and yet we are completely unaware of this truth. We would even most likely deny it.


Why is it important to become aware of these unconscious parts of ourselves? To begin creating a relationship with these unknown parts?


Rather than being undesirable, most parts of our shadow are valuable resources that were unconsciously disowned or exiled in our childhood and adolescence so that we could continue to receive love and acceptance from our family and peers. These pieces are often tender and vulnerable. Let us search for these unknown parts of ourselves so we can return to wholeness.


In this workshop, from an somatically embodied place, we will tenderly explore our inner worlds for these unknown pieces of ourselves. This 2 part workshop will include some internal questing between the 2 dates that will further deepen the teachings. Please do not hesitate to contact myself if you have questions or would like to book an individual session.