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As we approach the start of another long winter, we must look for ways to continue connecting with each other and with our own bodies. As such, I have decided to launch Somatic Awakening—a series of workshops in which we can learn from each other and connect over the winter.

Somatic Awakening Workshops

Tuesday October 17th @ 6:30pm - $45 


  • My group counselling workshops follow a rhythm of container building, teaching and working with individual material. 

  • Why group counselling? I'm offering group counselling for a few reasons. Having a container with more people can move or support something inside us that one on one counselling may not be able to do. 

  • I like group work, something special always happens when we sit together, we always learn from each other; our stories are linked and group counselling is more affordable which can make a difference.

Core Practices

  • Council - an intentional heart centred circle practice where deep listening to ourselves and others is cultivated.

  • Intentional slowing down - Tracking our inner felt sense (interoception) requires a slowing down that is 7 times slower than our thinking mind. 

  • Somatic Embodiment - what is the experience of our inner world, how does it feel to inhabit ourselves more deeply?

  • Deep Imagery Journey - create relationships with our inner selves using our psyche as a guide

  • Somatic Counselling - receive counselling support

  • Dream Support - if dreams are brought to the circle we can hold and support them.

  • Relational Attachment Support - The practice of supporting attachment wounds 

How it works

  • We meet at 6:30 at my office at 4444 Omenica Ave

  • Bring some pillows or backjacks to make yourself comfortable, bring something to write with as well

  • Tuition - $45

  • How to sign up - email or call myself or use this link

  • Max of 6 people, class is running for sure


Workshops last 2 hours and are in person.

Please contact myself if you have any questions.

Deep Imagery Chakra Discovery

I'm very excited to offer this workshop. Deep Imagery is a self exploration that uses one's active imagination to connect with the aliveness within ourselves. Deep Imagery journeys allow the journeyer to explore aspects of their consciousness through building a relationship with their own deep imagination. 

When we journey, we are guided by an aspect of ourselves that is usually represented by an animal. The guides know where we need to go, what we need to do and what we need to see. 

How do Chakras (or energy centres) fit with this? For this workshop we will explore what each Chakra represents and meet a guide from each Chakra through a journey. After meeting the seven guides of the seven Chakras, we will in the 8th class, complete a healing circle with all of the guides and ourselves. This is a potent opportunity for growth and healing.

Coming in October and November

This workshop series is a unique opportunity to let your own deep, inner knowing guide, help and heal you. Please let me know if you have any questions. There will be a max of 8 participants and a minimum of 4 is needed to run the workshops. 

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